Great Links !

The internet can be a great resource for medical information, but surf carefully (carefully!!) as you may find a lot of unfiltered, poor information online. Of course, you may visit our Facebook site to ask general ob and gyn questions.

Other great resources for women’s health include:

ACOG: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has over 55,000 members and is the nation’s leading group of professionals providing health care for women. When you link to their site, click on the publications tab, and scroll down to Patient Education Pamphlets. This site includes extended resources on obstetrics, gynecology, and general women’s health.

American Pregnancy Association: The American Pregnancy Association is a national health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, research, advocacy, and community awareness. The resources on this site are outstanding (mrm: The medical advisory board that produces the site is what I consider “The OB All-Stars”). The Office on Women’s Health (OWH) offers award-winning comprehensive websites that provide reliable, accurate, commercial-free information on the health of women. They cover more than 800 topics, on issues ranging from adolescent health to reproductive health to healthy aging. Focused information for girls 10-16 is available at, and all of the information is in spanish at